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If you're Leonardo Da'Vinci, bookmatch is your Vitruvian Man.

Reinventing Novel Consulting

Traditional fiction novel consulting costs hundreds of dollars and provides limited insight. By analyzing thousands of books in our database using proven machine learning techniques, we can tell you what makes a bestselling book and what doesn't.

Before you start writing, look at bestselling plot structures, character traits, themes, topics, and writing styles of thousands of books. Upload your own manuscript to see how it compares and learn how you can improve it.

Features Short List

Bookmatch can help you with the following:

  • Plot structuring
  • Character building
  • Topic management
  • Language & writing style suggestions
  • Manuscript review before your agent reads it

Bookmatch is completely automated, too. No more making up excuses for your drafts... Scroll down to learn more!

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Hunger Games bookshelf

Search & Compare

Search for the results of other bestselling books. Then add them to a bookshelf and compare features.

Bookmatch continually updates what features it notices show up in bestsellers.

Identify Plot Structures

Does a bestseller have a happy ending? Where is the climax? It all depends on the author's goal. Now you can visually see if your novel hits the highs and lows you want.

View an entire lineup of books to discover bestselling plot structures and ensure your manuscript meets your mark.

Harry Potter's plot shown using positive and negative emotions over time

Build Interesting Characters

Bestselling characters have needs and wants. Many are assertive and self-assured. Bookmatch can describe your novel's characters to make sure they are all they can be.

Compare other bestselling novel's characters, too. See what kind of characters keep the pages turning.

Verbs used by Christain Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey

The Thematic Recipe

As the old maxim says, "write what you know." Before reading an author's novel, a devoted reader already has an expectation of the themes to be covered. Find a recipe of topics you know and stick close to it.

A limited number of topics in your novel implies focus and depth. Bestselling authors know how to balance the topics they discuss, and we've got the math to prove it.

Themes in The Hunger Games

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